Laser Hair Removal Leeds

Hair Removal you can be Fresh, Smooth, Hair Free...the end of waxing, bleaching & shaving

IPL Laser hair removal

  • Permanent Hair Reduction
  • Safe & effective on all suitable hair and skin types
  • High energy for fast results
  • ‘iCycle cooling’ for pain free treatment ipl hair removal


IPL can treat:

  • Excess Hair Growth
  • Ingrowing Hair (folliculitis)
  • Facial Hair
  • Body hair


  • hair removal leeds
    Common area of removal  of hair  seen in men is the back.  If you are a very hairy person this is a difficult area to shave and waxing becomes expensive.  IPL permanent hair reduction treatments are becoming increasingly popular.  Hair on the back can be easily treated with IPL
  • hair removal leeds
    Over recent years hair removal for men has become increasingly popular as men are more aware of male grooming.  Gone are the days of waxing every 4 weeks leaving the skin with rashes, sensitivity and sharp bristles when growing back. IPl hair reduction will leave the chest area smooth and soft to touch.
  • ipl leeds
    An area popular in men and women is the neck area, jawline and beard.  IPL is a perfect way of hair removal without the unsightly embarrassment of hair growth for both men and women.  Back the of neck a popular area for men that don't want to shave in between hair cuts and can look neat and tidy till the next visit at the hairdressers.
  • alt
    Full legs up to the buttocks may be treated, including half leg for those ladies that don't want the hassle of smooth free legs.
  • alt
    The underarm, a popular area to be treated with IPL.  Gone are the days of those embarrassing moments of unsightly underarm hair.
  • Preparing for summer holidays or just going swimming, the bikini hair can be very sensitive to shaving and can cause in growing hairs.  Permanent hair reduction is perfect for this area and you never need to worry what your plans are.  At Innercore we can treat the pubic area and groin to cover all aspects of unwanted bikini hair.
  • Laser Hair removal IPL can be used on Asian and dark skin. All Nurses at Innercore are very experienced in treating Asian and black skin types  using the latest technology for pain free hair removal.
  • This area is common for both men and women and can be treated  in six sessions of IPL for permanent hair reduction.  Low cut jeans can be worn without the embarrassment of navel hair.
  • IPL Pain free

    Using the latest iCycle technology, a cooling head is used on the IPL device to provide pain free treatments.  Using specific wavelengths of light the IPL focuses on the target condition being treated.  This maximises the treatment application whilst protecting the surrounding tissue from



It is a also suitable for clients with PCOS.  Innercore also offers IPL for transgender people who wish to maintain a feminine appearance.


All new clients will require having a patch test at a charge of £25 which is non refundable.

Will IPL hurt?

The treatments are not a painful but with certain treatments you will feel more discomfort then you would in others. The discomfort is only temporary and tends to be more vivid in darker coloured skin.

How long will my treatment take?

The length of each treatment varies on your personal condition and the selection of treatments you choose. We advise you to ask your beautician who will know specifics.

How many treatments are necessary?

On your consultation the beautician will tell you a estimated time for your choice of treatments. Usually when you have had your 1st treatment the beautician can more accurately asses your treatments time.

Is it permanent?

Cosmetic treatment can be considered permanent IPL can make a dramatic difference to such things as long term hair removal and reduction.

Will IPL work on me?

IPL works on 93% of all people, some of the treatments will work better on different type of skin. Mostly dark coloured skin will not see the best results of IPL but will work.

IPL is suitable for skin types?

White, Caucasian, Asian, Mediterranean, Hispanic and Afro-American. IPL is contraindicated for pregnant or lactating women.IPL is suitable for both male and females over 18 years of age.


Treatment1x Treatments6x TreatmentsSaving

Small area

Eyebrows (in-between), Eyebrows (above), Upper lip, Fingers, Toes, Nose Earlobes, Naval pubis line
Nipples, Chin, Cheeks, Hands

£20 £99 £21

Medium Area

Under arms, Forearm, Shoulder, Bikini, Beard / half face, Neck (front+back) Upper Arm.

£40 £199 £41

Large Area

Extened Bikini, 1/2 leg (upper or lower), Abdomen, Full Arm, Full Face, Chest, Extended Shoulders (including Shoulder Blades)

£60 £299 £61

Extra Large Area

Full leg, Full back inc shoulders, Chest & Abdomen (together)




Bargain Hair removal who pays? you the client!

Many voucher companies are offering hair removal at a massively discounted rate!  NOT innercore  WHY?  we offer the same deal to our clients.  The voucher deals generally don't offer clients  with a full course of treatment and skin assessment.  Offering 4 or five sessions when in actual fact hair reduction with IPL requires 6 sessions.  At the end of the course they are required to have extra sessions to complete the course so are  then expected to pay out more money at a very inflated price to complete there treatment.  Generally clients are rushed they don't have patch test and the treatments are not carried out by a competent practitioner. Innercore have seen the after affects of this with client coming to us with burning and hyper pigmentation caused by under qualified practitioners.  Innercore hair removal is carried out by nurses and medically trained staff, carry out a full skin assessment and patch test prior to commencing any treatments.

Laser Hair Removal
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